USS Colorado main circular crest
Prior to its commissioning and first launch, USS Colorado nuclear submarine needed a crest to represent their vessel across print, digital, and a wide range of media applications. Working with the representative symbols of Colorado and submarine culture, as well as the prescribed motto and service number, we produced a versatile system of crests that can be transformed and modified for purpose. The circular crest is more traditional, lending formality to its use, but the triangular version is more modern and unconventional, showing an appeal to future use. Logo and badge versions can be used in simplified instances.
Circular crests in degrading colour complexity — two-colour, one-colour, and outline-only
Triangular logo version of the USS Colorado crest.
Simplified colour arrangements for the triangular logo — Two-colour, one-colour, and outline-only
Simplified Logo for the USS Colorado in full-colour, one-colour, and black-only variations
Example use cases for the Crest & Logo system.
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