The i.d.e.a. Museum, located in sunny downtown Mesa, Arizona, aims to inspire children of all ages to experience their world differently through art, technology, science, creativity and imagination. The Museum is interested in bringing in more visitors to experience their unique and interactive rotating exhibits. Alongside new exhibits and features, the Museum wants to reach a larger audience and showcase their space as a playplace for the imagination of all ages.​​​​​​
i.d.e.a Museum challenged the GIT Creative Agency team to plan, produce, film, and edit a short promotional video that showcases their unique message of innovation and creative exploration. The video would focus on the Museum’s three key pillars: ‘support early learning’, ‘nurture creative thinking’, and ‘engage families’.​​​​​​​
The promotional video is set to be used in various places—including events and social media, as well as within short ad spaces in collaboration with third parties.
View the resulting video below.
The GIT Creative Agency team created a video in which the i.d.e.a. Museum's unique strengths are showcased and convey the message of importance of family and creative exploration in the realms of interdisciplinary Arts, Sciences and Technologies. The promotional video incorporates aspects of motion graphics, videography, and storytelling to exhibit the museum as a remarkable place for families to visit and not only express, but explore, their creative sides.
While completing this project, the Agency team made sure to carefully document each step of the process. This process is laid out in a behind-the-scenes video, visible below.
The GIT Creative Agency meeting with Jarrad Bittner of the i.d.e.a Museum
For their first meeting with the client, the Creative Agency had to opportunity to meet with the i.d.e.a Museum and discuss the vision and end goal of the promotional video. They were also given a tour of the museum so that they could better understand the unique offerings that the client wanted to showcase within the video.
Storyboard Ideation
A large emphasis was placed on ideation in the pre-production process, as the Agency wanted to fully embrace and explore all of the ideas that i.d.e.a. Museum brought to them.
Film production inside i.d.e.a Museum
Over the course of several weeks, the team headed over to downtown Mesa for film production. The Creative Agency wanted to get as many candid shots as possible, so they formulated a filming schedule that was flexible and allowed for diversity within types of activities and programs being shot on any given day.
August Johnson, Team Lead, Videographer & Editor
Cameron Tompkins, Videographer, Motion Graphics Designer & Editor
Kay Gardner, Documentarian, Videographer & Editor
Prescott Perez-Fox, Creative Director

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