To update the nascent brand identity system for software development firm Function1, we were faced with a question of how to speak with the tone of their corporate enterprise clientele, but create a visual style that reflects a dynamic, modern company.
Working closely together, we explored several abstract concepts that embodied the values and energy of the company, rather than any literal translation of their day-to-day work. The resulting identity is a cool, disciplined system built on a unique symbol, clean typography, and a simple colour palette.
The Function1 logo pairs the symbol and name.
Using the symbol as a starting point, we created brand patterns to serve as backgrounds and texture elements. The intricacy of the symbol helps create a seamless design.
Function1’s stationery system. Keeping it simple, using coloured paper within the brand colour system.
Press sheet of the Function1 business cards. This project was printed with two spot colours and a custom metallic foil stamp.
We put a focus on the business cards, since these are often the only artefact of a real-life interaction.
Working with a local print shop who specialises in invitations and custom stationery, we created a foil stamp for the main symbol. The two sides of the card both started white, with one printed mainly blue and the other mainly orange. Using the foil stamp on top of the blue side offered few problems, but printing blue on top of orange was a little more finicky. Ultimately, we ended up adjusting the shade of pigment to compensate for the underlaying paper, which was already flooded orange.​​​​​​​
The resulting card looks precise, and all type is perfectly legible with no blurred edges from tight registers or trapping. The foil stamp proved to be an impressive feature.
Examples screens from the Brand Guidelines, showing the Brand Visual Style in use.
The main deliverables for this project were the Brand Guidelines, which outline the usage of the logos, colours, typefaces, etc., the Business Cards for several employees of Function1, and the Website. The site was developed in-house by Function1 and makes use of the brand visual style.
Function1 Website makes use of the Identity system and brand visual style
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