Royal Wedding coin

I had joked a while back that the upcoming Royal Wedding, where heir to the thrown Prince William will wed long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton, will revive the commemorative plate industry. I’m sure it has. I also posted a series of designer-designed plates done in cheeky rebellious tone.

The Royal Mint has recently unveiled their commemorative coins featuring at Kate and Will. Or at least, weird slivers of their faces. I’m sincerely try not to snipe on other folks’ work, but this is just bad. Bizarre faces, not recognisable, not regal, poor typography. Just a mess. WTF is going on here?

I’m genuinely surprised at the poor image chosen for these coins considering how much the design of British coins has been covered in the media. A few years back, Matt Dent won a D&AD Black Pencil (in the words of Joe Biden, a big fucking deal) for his design of the Britain’s coin suite. More recently, the design community rolled our collective eyes at the student-submitted artwork which ended up being produced in honour of the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London. So what gives?

Dent's coins
Dent’s coin designs, which were interesting, and not creepy.

I don’t have too many details on this, aside from the official write-up on the Royal Mint site, but I’m interested to see some alternate concepts as they emerge. Funny thing is, if you dig around the site, you’ll find another design to mark the engagement, which is of better composition, methinks.

Engagement coin
The Engagement Coin, with a better design, right?

By the way, if anyone is interesting in making Royal Wedding souvenirs, check out these guidelines on how to use the symbols and marks of the Monarchy. I imagine these are the last people you want calling you at 6 in the morning about your improper use of a logo.

And let’s not forget about those endless supplies of Obama-related crap, including gold-plated quarters with image stickers, and whole coin sets.

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