I haven’t written a WTF Wednesday in a good long while, but I welcome back the feature with all due fanfare.

London 2012 Mascots

Remember the London 2012 Olympics? The one with the ridiculous logo which engulfs the design world and lay world alike in all sorts of mudslinging back in 2008? Well they’ve now debuted the mascots that will accompany the logo and feature in all sorts of tacky merchandise the summer-after-next.

So what was chosen to represent Britain in the olympics? A lion? Some kind of bird? A cheeky little man in a bowler cap? Paddington Bear? Pooh Bear?

How about two anthropomorphic blobs of metal with one eye. Yup. That will do.

I’m almost not surprised that these are, well, bizarre because the logo, the revised logo, and the pictograms all earned a WTF Wednesday write-up on this blog, basically. But in one point of redemption is that these two … characters … do have British-sounding names: Wenlock & Mandeville. Not sure which is which. And since both sound more like surnames, I don’t think there’s any gender-bending to worry about.

What do you think? Are these cute or freaky? Do they represent Britain? They should even exist?

My answers: freaky, no, and no.

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