I suppose this was inevitable: Julian Assage now has a condom designed in his honour. Presumably, amid his legal allegations in Sweden, these are designed not to break. And in a pun that would make even Myq Kaplan cringe, the name “Dickileaks” graces their wrapper.

DickiLeak Condoms are made for those unique individuals who seek the thrill of the leak but desire to wear a condom to comply with local ordinances. All DickiLeaks condoms feature nanocircuitry that determine the timing and amount of the leak, adding to the excitement of every release!

Um, please note that none of the above is true. We lied. However, despite that fact that DickiLeak condoms do provide unsurpassed protection and do not leak, DickiLeaks are still a great way to spice up your next WikiLeaks release party, especially in Sweden!

Oh, condom ads. Endless fun for every copywriter and marketing team.

Strangely, these aren’t the most absurd person-themed condoms I’ve seen. That superlative still goes to the Obama- and McCain-themed condoms which appeared during the 2008 campaign.

Oh, and apparently Philly is copying New York by introducing a Philly-themed condom, and associated design contest for the wrapper. If you’re interested, I have in fact written about condoms previously.

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