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In case you’ve forgotten about Jennifer Aniston, here she is mocking internet culture, making fun of advertising agents, kicking unsuspecting guys in the balls, playing with puppies, and along with SmartWater, trying way too hard to cash in on the nature of viral videos and the success of brands like Old Spice.

And yes, I acknowledge the irony that I am sharing this video in spite of how I don’t really find it useful, witty, insightful, innovative, endearing, or remarkable. Blah.

The reason it’s a WTF for me is because I’m genuinely confused as to why this was even made. It is a different spin on water advertising, I’ll grant that, but if the point was to get Jennifer Aniston out there onto the Internet, she should have made fun of herself, not everyone else. She’s not known as a great societal commentator. Also, the production value is way too high to become and web sensation, Old Spice Guy excepted.

So will this video go viral or we the whole of the Internet roll their eyes as I have?

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