Chanel Cupcakes

Ever wonder what would happen if you took popular high-fashion brands and created a line of cupcakes in a similar style of art direction? Well, wonder no more. From Zen Cupcake comes exactly such an examination. Srsly.

While this is bizarre in its unexpectedness, it’s actually novel in that the whole endeavor reminds us of the power of brands, in this case portrayed through photography and the combination of colour, type, lighting, pattern, and symbolism. The fact that these labels can be deconstructed to their elementary particles is testament to solid branding and consistent design modes over the years. It really has nothing to do with fashion.

There is an old adage that says that a brand is powerful if people see a similar style and think “that could be an ad for ____.” Think of Apple, Coke, Target, American Apparel, Volkswagen, Bud Light, or Geico, to name a few. You know and recognise the brand even before you see a logo or read a line of copy or hear one word of voiceover. That’s what you should be striving for — and enduring, consistent style that is unique to your brand.

Ok, now go get yourself a cupcake.