I just read an article sonic branding, so I remembered this video I saw featuring the Windows startup screens through the ages. It’s great to see the evolution of graphics overall, but also to see how the aesthetics change somewhat over time. Brands are, after all, allowed to evolve.

So what do we think of the sounds? While I personally hate “the Microsoft sound” and its successors, I associate those wimpy chimes and vibes with a computer starting. In the mind of the general public, those sounds signify a PC, and by proxy, a desktop operating system (Windows). They’ve solidified an audio brand icon, so good for them.

Apple has one too, and depending on who you ask, it’s much more recognisable. In fact, it’s been spoofed and mocked because unlike Windows, you can’t turn off the “bong”, it’s part of the firmware. But it too has evolved. Check out this video illustrating the startup and death screens/sounds for the Mac OS over the ages.