Silver Surfer Quarter

When Naomi Klein wrote No Logo, many crititcs shouted about how she was blindly attacking everything — businesses, brands, manufacturers, etc. all felt her wrath. But then we see shit like this and think, yup, this is over the line.

The marketeers behind the new Fantastic Four movie are feeling the pressure from Washington, as well as commenters and ad critics, for their in-your-face guerilla marketing campaign slapping promotional labels on US Quarters! It is, in fact a federal offense to deface currency, so I don’t understand who possibly thought this was a good idea. The NY Post has an article detailing other absurd and expensive promotional plans by 20th Century Fox for the new movie.

You could argue that the fines levied vs. the box office sales will be microscopic, and therefore the movie industry will follow the oil industry in it’s views on federal fines. And you could also argue that “all publicity is good publicity”, but this is where my favourite marketing philosophy comes across: Make a good movie, and people will see it; make a shit movie, and people won’t.

I’ll bet anyone $5 that the Silver Surfer movie is crap on a plate. I think I’ll save my 40 quarters and not watch another insultingly saccarine comic book movie.