While I’d much rather prefer a city without billboards, I have to say that this latest piece of work from Sagmeister, Inc. is pretty cool. At least the locals seem to think so.

[SWF]http://perezfox.com/archer/archer_player.swf, 500, 315, movie=http://perezfox.com/video/20101212_levis.mp4&play_bk=4BD24B&play_bk_over=ffffff&play_txt=ffffff&play_txt_over=000000&play_x=center&play_y=center&control_back_color=000000&control_back_alpha=.6&loaded_bar_color=ffffff&text_color=eeeeee&text_color_over=4BD24B&time_format=all&[/SWF]
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While I don’t want to cut down anyone else’s work, I think it would have been much more compelling if the gears were different sizes, and therefore only aligned once every ten minutes or so. Get people transfixed, keep ’em staring.

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