Vintage Mountain Dew packaging

Wow, they weren’t kidding! I awoke this morning to a gorgeous set of vintage soda packaging photographs. And some of these are classic, from the 1950s and 60s, mostly.

Oddly enough, I was just talking the other day about the new designs for Sprite, in which they’ve revived the “old” Sprite logo I knew so well in the 90s and tossing aside that janky S. I can’t find an image of the newest can, but here’s what I’m talking about.

Sprite cans
classic Sprite can and the new-fangled “S” can, which is already a thing of the past.

With so much of a rich history, maybe large food and drinks brands could publish “throwback” packaging, the way that sports team use throwback uniforms on certain days of the season. The extra added expense would pay off in kitschy collectibility and thereby create a sense of value. At very least, it would create buzz.

Then again Starbucks just tried this very tactic to very mixed results (and a lot apathy both ways).

So enough talk, head over and feast your eyes on vintage soda packaging.

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