Ubuntu Cola

Years ago, I wrote about Ubuntu Cola, and how the grainy photo of a can made me wrinkle my nose in disgust, or at least confusion. But Ubuntu Cola has once again emerged on the blog scene, this time boasting more detail about their product and it’s packaging. Turns out my criticisms where unwarranted, because Ubuntu Cola actually has nothing to do with the Linux operating system — it’s a fair trade cola, based in Malawi, Africa, and just happens to have the same name.

Ubuntu logo

Ubuntu, the Linux OS, does have itself a new logo, as was featured on Brand New a while back. A subtle shift forward, but welcome from my eyes.

The trouble with any open-source product is that branding is often overlooked as a frivolous expense. Hiring someone to look after the design and consistency of product seems like a luxury when you have engineers volunteering to build the thing in the first place, often doing so in their spare time.

But perhaps some designers could get together and create an improved look for that can of Ubuntu Cola. Perhaps indeed …