A Dizzle fo shizzle

One could debate the difference between a ‘doll’ and an ‘action figure’, but one glance at this list of bizarre and inappropriate dolls and anyone will agree that these are worth some mention, if only for their ridiculous nature.

I won’t spoil the finale for you, but let me just say that along these same lines I am in fact the owner of a Herbert Hoover doll. I bought it one day on a whim when I saw the “Leaders of the World” series for sale at KB Toys. I think the price was $3.99 marked down from like $25. I mean, Ben Franklin was cool and all, but he’s a bit dull compared to those Navy Seal bastards with all the guns.

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Since this post doesn’t have much to do with design per se, I’ll re-direct you to something related, but ever more relevant and interesting to a design and brand geek like myself. Check out Steve Heller’s Paul Rand Lecture Series on iTunes and watch the episode entitled “Mini Mannequins: Scultpures of Culture”