Siana Facial Cream

It’s no secret that there is a market for high-priced facial creams — especially the ones that promise great anti-wrinkling action and any help in the fight against aging. Recently, however, a study from a group called Women’s Own concluded that the best product on the market isn’t from Estee Lauder, et al, but rather from bargain chain Aldi.

The no-frills supermarket sells the Siana Moisturising cream for £1.89, making it pretty much the best deal in beauty. Not surprising, since the secret got out, it’s been impossible to keep the goo on the shelf. Read more about it here »

This is a strange case where consumers cut through the branding hype and get straight to the heart of the matter — the product. The fact that it works is what had people shaken up, the low cost is just an extra added bonus. Are consumers going to start thinking about the true merits of a product and not the associated brand? Is this the beginning of the end for luxury cosmetics with lofty promises or just a strange case of a bargain brand that got lucky?

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