Old Spice Guy, on a horse

Amber MacArthur, the Canadian TV host cum social media expert, has created a rather apt rundown of the five best and worst social media campaigns of 2010. I think we can all see that when done well, these campaigns — whether planned by big ad agencies or by the clone clever writer — can reach a tremendous amount of people and connect worlds. But when done poorly — or worse, insincerely — the results are painful.

I’m absolutely not going to be come a commenter on social media, as the Internet has plenty of those, but if you know me, you won’t be surprised to hear my theory on any campaign or social media effort. Ready? Here it is: stay true to your brand!

Think of how your brand communicates. Is it formal or down-home? Is it young or old? Do you value your product or the experience more? There are millions of questions to ask yourself regarding the tone of the communications, but the answers should be dictated by your brand strategy as a whole. Any video or sequence of tweets or guerilla ad campaign is just another arena for your brand to shine. Also, don’t take yourself so seriously.

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