According to fadtastic, Microsoft, in their new version of Office 2007 have chosen not to include a modernday classic typeface, Times New Roman. TNR (for those in the ‘biz’) has become the Rock-of-ages in nearly every desktop environment as due to its popularity and ubiquity, has become the de-facto Serif face for computer users. The US Government, swift agent of change that it is, has even opted to use TNR as the official font. (Replacing Courier, a typewriter-looking font, about 2 years ago – approx 20 years behind the times, if you ask me.)

So in the new version of Office, Microsoft suggests forces users ditch their old favourite for a new Sans-Serif face called Calibri. WTF? This site has a run-down of the new [and lacklustre] typefaces that legions of MS users will be packing come 2007.

So this leaves me with two major questions: First, why ditches Times New Roman? Is there something wrong with it, or have people been complaining? Do we seriously not print anything anymore, making Serif fonts obsolete. I can’t see their logic.

And second, and perhaps more importantly, who are Microsoft to try and set trends in design?! Nobody, that’s who. In fact, I’d say MS is responsible for the majority of deep-root problems in the design profession. But more about that later.

I say, fight the power, use Times New Roman. Type papers, print them. Write email that can actually be read. Be different.