Earlier today, my buddy Brett linked us to an article on Branding Strategy Insider running down the Top 10 Branding Mandates.

Now, although I love Letterman, I hate top ten lists. So let me hammer home the core of the list, the essence of what they, and I, are talking about.

  1. Have core values. Decide on the true meaning of your brand. Carve the values in stone; everything you do will come back to them.
  2. Be consistent. Whatever strategy and tactics you have chosen are what you should stick with. This goes for design as well as for overall brand operation. Brands are built over time, not overnight.
  3. Have integrity. Always be true to your core values. Act predictably, reliably, and with honesty. Create the brand that you would most want to interact with.

Now, go read their list and decide which is snappier.

via Branding Strategy Insider