Prada store in the middle of nowhere, Texas

Most retailers want to put their stores in a location likely to attract shoppers — not Prada, those cheeky devils.

Prada has taken a rogue step and erected a shop outside of Marfa, Texas on a desolate stretch of Highway 90. The store, which is really truly located in the middle of nothing, is fully stocked with shoes and bags. Unfortunately, no one has yet made a purchase at this location.

I learned about this from a post on Deputy Dog, which proclaims:

it’s actually a spooky piece of art / clever promotional stunt erected by michael elmgreen and ingar dragset, 2 berlin artists seemingly intent on playing with the public’s minds.

Well, I guess that makes sense, and by the fact that I’m blogging it, you probably guessed it was something along those lines.

Props to Prada for having the gusto to do something so absurd without a particular motive in mind. I dare say this would be more appropriate for a brand like Timberland or Columbia or Jeep, or something having to do with the outdoors, ruggedness, epic journeys and other experiences that require a rugged beard. How awesome would it be to build a stripmall of sorts on the top of some mountain and set up all these shops right next to one another? Ok, that’s a little too far.

But are the Prada faithful, or fashionistas in general, going to care? I’m not sure that Prada is a well-known luxury brand for the American (Texan) consumers at large; I’ve always felt they were somewhat urban and European-minded. I have the feeling that if it were any other store, even a McDonald’s or other low-brow competitor, you’d have folks taking ‘pilgrimages’ to this location just for the novelty of it. Well, the article was on digg, so we shall see.