This is a follow-up to Monday’s request for some geeky WordPress help. A few folks came through, but their advice didn’t yield any immediate results. I did, however, blow off the time I was supposed to be at the gym, and waded back into the murky waters of the WordPress plugin development community.

What I am/was trying to do is this: Import the Shared Items from my Google Reader feed as posts into my blog. Since I read and “share” a number of things each day, this would make a nice way to add show-and-tell style posts to my other content. This way, readers get more from the same source … me.

It seems that I was successful in my first attempts. I found an open-source plugin called FeedWordPress (there were some other licensed plugins) that seems to do the job, grabbing the articles from my Reader and sticking them into my blog, all formatting and whatnot. But its not super-smooth just yet.

I’m trying to find a way to demark, without confusion, that I am borrowing/reposting the content, and that I’m not the original author. I try my best to give attribution by using a “via” tag at the bottom, but in the case of many blog posts, they are written from the original author’s point of view, not my own. I’m hoping that using the Share With Notes feature in Google Reader will allow me to easily insert my own commentary at the top of each post, formatted in a blockquote, so you know it’s from me.

Also, I noticed that the plugin worked retroactively, going back in time and grabbing lots of my own Shared Items. Considering I add about five per day, this can be quite severe. I’m going to see how far back it goes, and maybe put a lid on the retro-post action.

And now a question for you, my dear readers, what do you think is the best way to approach this? Do you enjoy reading what I enjoy reading? Does it dilute from the other witty post that I write on less-than-predictable schedules? Is it too much visual stimuli?

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.