Moguls champions

Clearly, I haven’t written much in February. There are four main reasons for this: First, I got fake laid off from my fake job, which reshuffled my life in all general sense. Second, it’s rugby pre-season, which has already started to take up some time. Third, I’ve been sick already for more than a week, including a few proper sick days where I sat slumped on the couch all day. And fourth, the Olympics!

Man, is there a larger sinkhole of productivity? The Olympics are addicting and every time I sit down to watch, I end up losing track of hours, if not days. This weekend, for example, saw me getting nothing done. I did watch the women’s cross-country ski races, though. Oy.

I’m basically gonna scratch the whole of February and resume blogging when the Olympics are over. As I did after Beijing 2008, I’m planning to write a large-scale review of the games from a graphics and branding point of view. Stay tuned.