Numi by Kohler

I find it interesting when products are services are marketed in the manner pioneered by the fashion industry. We all accept that handbags and perfume is lumped in with that, but the luxury/fashion approach has been applied to luggage, with brands such as Tumi, travel, with NetJets, and now toilets.

Numi by Kohler

Check out the Numi by Kohler. This is, first and foremost, a really hi-tech toilet with all sorts of functionality. Considering most toilets have precisely one function — flush — this is indeed a broad jump in the evolution of bathroom gadgetry. Features include a heated seat, illuminated side panels, and a built-in music player. It’s probably better equipped than half our cars.

Numi by Kohler

I can’t confirm it from the photo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that is an ethernet port along the bottom. Toilet goes on Internet, bitches.

Funny thing of all this is that the Numi isn’t marketed solely by its functionality. Geeks and travelers have known for a while that Japanese toilets have similar features, making your “go” like a trip to the future, but they’re not the audience for this toilet, it seems. Based on the photography, writing, and design scheme of the site, it’s determined to be a piece of high design, more in line with hi-end chairs than plumbing gear. This video evokes the senses and makes the toilet an object of desire. Super sleek design is central. You have to be cool enough to own this toilet.

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I give full props to Kohler for not only creating a distinctive new toilet, but for being bold in their approach. Initially, I was going to write this up as a WTF Wednesday, seeing as the idea didn’t fit in with their brand overall, but this is refreshing in its bizarreness. Something original. And I like the logo.

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