The other day, I sat down with a news crew from the BBC to discuss the subject of freelancing.

Prescott Perez-Fox on the BBC News

I’ve been trying for some time to get the video embedded, but the BBC doesn’t allow their iPlayer to be embedded outside of the UK. So alas, here is a link to the article and full video. Go watch.

It’s funny that after speaking with the reporter both on-camera on on-mic for about 30 minutes, they use about 12 seconds of footage. I suppose that’s the new biz. But I don’t mind that the BBC has called me “The new face of the U.S. worker.” That’s a line on the ol’ resume, I suppose.

There’s also a related article on Freelance Switch warning, quite accurately, that Full-Time to Freelancing is Harder Than You Think


PS, if anyone knows how to embed a BBC video, please do share. Or if you can take a screencast of the site and crop it down, I’ll take that too. Not that I wanna start an international incident, but I prefer to embed the videos here.