With the unofficial end of Summer only one week away (!) I had take a moment to post and simply explain why this has been the sparsest month on this blog since I started actively blogging back in 2006. I hope I haven’t turned anyone off with my lack of witty graphical observations or controversial ponderings, and I hope you’ll stay tuned.

My absence is due to mainly to three causes: the start of rugby season, my own work schedule (including a return to on-site work) and The Olympics.

As you know, the Olympics just finished. I spent a serious amount of time watching the Olympics this year, as I do every time they come to town. Therefore, I’ve got tons to say about it! So hopefully this week I will get to write my review of the Olympics in three parts: first, a commentary on media, television, internet and so forth; next, a take on how the Olympics has helped or hurt the brand that is China itself; and finally, a graphical review of Beijing 2008. Considering I’ve been talking about these games for well over a year, I want to take my time to accumulate some nice links and photos, and simply to take my time.

Aside from that, I don’t have much else planned for the week. August is a slow month. Everyone’s on vacay, and while I have returned to on-site work for the past several weeks, the business world in general is less talkative and showy. I think that with the back-to-school/end-of-summer season upon us, we’ll see some new draws in the world of packaging, design, advertising, and branding. And of course it will be Christmas before you know it.

So until next time, get outside and enjoy the last week of Summer!