David Carson wrote The End of Print back in 1995. Looking back, that was a truly infantile era of electronic media — with the exception of computer games and the odd CD-ROM, there really were no media sources that were being tested and pushed. The web was new. And oh so ugly.

Cut to today, in a world of CSS and optimised images, the web has become a much more pleasant place to spend some time. And while we designers are still shackled to the same 8 or so typefaces, we find our way well enough.

From I Love Typography comes a list of 15 Excellent Examples of Web Typography. I agree that most of these are smart and savvy, especially falling into the whitespace-and-chunky type vein, but I have to hiss at those few that use images in their headers and graphics. Um, that kinda defeats the challenge of the web: limited typographical capabilities, confinement to grids and columns, and those same stupid fonts.

Have a look at the list and visit the sites. Certainly worth a some discussion.

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