I discovered recently a new site called The Design Encyclopedia, which is, as it might sound, a wiki-powered encyclopedia for all things design-related.

You can read the mantra and objectives of the site – in short it’s a professional development tool and they are looking for the input of teachers and students especially.

Everyone in ‘the biz’ should take a look at this, and I personally urge you all to read and add to as many entries as you can. Even if that means taking info from Wikipedia and putting it here.

It is my observation that the Design Community as a whole has been very slow to make some relevant use of the internet. Ironically, the web, which was pioneered by designers, was one of the last places where designers learned to communicate. Nowadays, there are more blogs, forums, and sites like this – so I urge everyone to get involved. I personally think we still have a way to go, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.

Once again, the URL is http://www.thedesignencyclopedia.org/

And they have a cool logo too, no?