I’m a fan of Target and their advertising. I forgive them for obnoxifying Times Square even further, because when you add it all up, their outdoor ads kick ass.

Lately, they’ve completely taken over the Subway station at 34th St./Herald Square here in New York. Its a holiday thing, apparently. Here are a few photos of the ambient postering that I would find annoying if it wasn’t Target.

But the whole point of this post is to highlight something which is damn right innovative. Check out the photo below of the animated-projected billboard thing on the station wall. Seems like just an unnecessary use of projectors, right? I thought that too, and I passed it for several days until I realised … its interactive!!!

Check out video. Although its hard to tell from this first-person view that the snowflakes are actually bending to my will. In fact, if you keep kicking up trouble, you will see some pretty cool wind effects. I’ll try to get a better video at some point.