I have to apologise to the reads of this blog for my absence these past few weeks. It’s amazing how fast the weeks go by, and how quickly “I’ll post that later” turns into “holy crap I haven’t written in ages.”

For the past eight weeks I have been working on-site with a great agency in New York. Adjusting to once again working in an office — commuting, lunching, staying awake for 9+ hours in a row — took me away from the blog more dramatically than I would have liked. It seems reasonable to bust out a post here and there, but alas, I just didn’t get to.

But I’m back now, so keep an eye on this site for the same good stuff. Stories about branding, examples of wacky logos, sniping at the Olympics, videos from the industry, etc. etc. etc. Also look for some site upgrades and other tweaks. That’s my summer project, to fix the glitches which are still woven through this site even so many months after a re-design.