Nazi Brand Identity Manual

Yes, this story is insane. Steven Heller, author of shitloads hundreds of books — including one about The Swastika itself — has turned up the closest thing that exists to a modern brand standards guide for the Nazi party itself. (pioneers in branding, in every current definition)

Perhaps a lesser, though significant, responsibility [of the German Labour Front] was developing a NSDAP handbook that detailed the organizing principles and mechanics of building the Nazi movement. It is this 550 page, red cloth-bound book titled Organizationsbuch der NSDAP, with the symbol of “Greater Germany” embossed in silver on the front, which turns out to be the elusive standards manual. The DAF was also responsible for typesetting guides and other graphic arts handbooks, but this is the graphic masterpiece of the Master Race.

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So maybe I should give this a read and re-write my Boy Scouts article based on the HJ.

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