Boba Fett kicks

This morning, I awoke to a post on the always-brilliant packaging design blog Lovely Package, regarding Boba Fett sneakers from Adidas. The Star Wars branded kicks are packaged in blister packs like the beloved action figures of the early 80s. These are a great example of adapting the design mode of, in this case, a costume, to a sneaker. The post on LP couldn’t locate a source, per se, but a quick Google search turned up tons of Star Wars gear from Adidas.

Boba Fett kicks

TIE Fighter kicks

There are, in fact, a whole range of sneakers available, including some themed as TIE Fighters, and designed to match Rebel flight suits, for example. Check out the selection here.

Rebel pilot kicks

I was presently surprised by the selection of tasteful t-shirts from Adidas, including this Darth Vader example.

Darth Vader t-shirt

There’s also a selection of other apparel, including the slightly abstract Wookie jacket. Interesting to note, this jacket is officially designed for men.

Chewbacca jacket

This, of course, reminds me of the time I spotted candy- and soda-theme sneakers on the streets of New York. Recently, we saw Borough-themed sneakers for the locals of NYC, and let’s not forget the Obama sneakers, which are still classy as hell.

Obama Sneakers

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