Redbook Cover - after

Every now and then, the masses take to the streets screaming the name of retouchers for making photos look better. Remember a few months back when the Order of the Phoenix movie poster showed Hermione with slightly inflated breasts and wavy hair? Not that big a deal if you ask me.

Recently, Faith Hill appeared on the cover of Redbook, highly photoshopped. That’s not surprising, but when the original photo leaked, it became quite the scandal. Is the publishing world going overboard with the retouching of cover photography? Having observed the hundreds of Maxim cover models who lack kneecaps and elbows, I say yes.

I’ll shut up now, and show you the before and after.

Redbook Cover - after
The Final Cover

Redbook Cover - before
The Original Photo has the original story with all the gory details about the backlash and gossip. I just wanted to comment about the photoshopism. Clearly, this is an extreme case, I think we can all admit it.