If my inbox is any indication, it’s the time for annual reviews. Not be outdone by MailChimp or last year’s Warby Parker, here’s a quick look at my year.

The most obvious point to note about this year is that 2013 was the first year of my life in which I was continually employed in a conventional way. I spent zero days classifying myself as “unemployed”. The year started with me working at a rather crummy role, but I switched to a better one. Left on a Friday, started on a Monday.

I can’t overstate how much this has influenced the year. Evidence can be seen here on this blog, where I managed to write a staggering 8 posts (9 if you count this one) over these past twelve months. That is by far a record low for blogging on this site and to put this into perspective, there was a point back in August 2007 when I was posting nearly once daily, about 29 times per month. There are several reasons for this such as my adoption of Twitter to share quick thoughts and conceding that there are other people in the world doing show-and-tell posts much better, but mainly it’s due to having a job.

When I started this blog back in January 2006, it was in an effort to find a job. My goal was to make myself slightly more marketable to employers by showing that I’m continually observing and commenting on the industry. To show that I’m a man of the Internet, and connected to the movers and shakers of the design biz. Blogs, as they said, were the new resume, and I needed to have one with insight and expertise. But that logic failed, and in most of my job interviews over the years it wasn’t even mentioned, let alone proved to be a difference-maker. Over the past two years or so (having spent most of that time continually employed), I have all but abandoned that aspect of this blog. My plans for the site in general are a bit different now, but that’s another story.

Having worked this year, I managed to take my first ever paid vacation. That is, I put in for time off, was granted, then vanished for a period of time and returned. All the while being paid my usual salary. Never happened before. As I write this again, I’m currently enjoying the same situation, but with an office-wide automatic vacation in place rather than my own personal schedule. Either way, it’s nice, but still feels odd coming from a freelance/self-employed point of view. It just feels odd that I have to ask people about how to structure my day, week, month, and year.

Did essentially no side projects, having struggled for find a productive equilibrium with the changing schedule of the full-time job[s]. Popped in for a few hours with two existing clients, but nothing that rocked the world.

On a personal note, I really didn’t do much else. Stayed in a lot. Watched a lot of movies. Became frustrated with laundry and grocery shopping. I did manage to join a running club, which is nice, but in general I have carved myself a nice little slump and I have made it a home since the end of summer, really. Need to snap out of that shit.

As the new year approaches, I’m planning to launch a new project which is in part a blog, so I’m almost ready to conclude blog posts on this site altogether. Of course, I’ll need to have something better to replace this old bucket, but let’s cross that blog when we come to it.