New Snapple

Snapple has announced a new packaging design. The old logo is gone, but some of the existing styling remains. From The Dieline, we can read a very lofty press release:

Snapple, the original new-age beverage, is undergoing the most significant makeover in its 37-year history…

“We want to ensure Snapple continues to be the Best Stuff on Earth,” said Bryan Mazur, vice president of marketing for Snapple. “These changes to the formula and packaging come with one goal in mind: deliver the same great product, just make it even better.”

… Snapple will retain its clever and light-hearted brand personality, but with a more premium, mature execution. Gone will be the old logo and packaging, replaced with a sleeker bottle and label design that speaks to its new formula.

Also, Snapple is dropping corn syrup from their drinks! As the “Official Beverage of New York City”, boasting exclusive distribution in NYC Public Schools and offices, it behooves them be as healthy and straight-forward as possible. New York has banned trans fat, but I reckon corn syrup will be much harder to vanquish. Gothamist has the story about the new and improved Snapple.

Why am I posting this? Because I still think my re-design of Snapple I did back in 2005 is better, fresher, more appropriate, and more “New York” than anything else they’ve tried recently.

I’m not bitter.