Simple Calendar 2013

Years ago, I created a simple calendar which I creatively called “Simple Calendar”. This was the calendar that I wanted, but did not exist anywhere in the world. A 7-seven week grid allows me to see what’s coming up in the early weeks of next month, and a bit of what came before. This solves the recurring problem of “what’s the date for next Thursday?” Why calendars cut off so soon, I’ll never know. Not like we live our lives on month at a time and then everything else just cuts off. I mean, what the fuck. Also, I prefer the European-style display where the weekends are lumped together on the right side, rather than the American style of having bookends. (In addition, there exists an Israeli-style display where Saturday begins the week and the thus two weekend days are capped at the beginning.)

Anyway, I finally got back to making a new version for 2013! This is the same design, but updated with the appropriate dates. American holidays are listed in a simple underline. And it’s available for your downloading pleasure, right here. I’ve also included the InDesign file so you can remix and create your own. Add colour, change the fonts, make it horizontal — whatever. The usual rules apply — if you make a new version, let me know so I can give you props! And it would be nice if you shared a link back to my site.

Download PDF Download Simple Calendar 2013 (PDF, 81 KB)
Download PDF Download Simple Calendar 2013 (InDesign CS6, 2.7 MB)
Download PDF Download Simple Calendar 2013 (InDesign CS6 Markup, 146 KB)

My recommendation for printing is that you use the back of some already-printed paper. Thicker stock works better. Then just use a binder clip and hang the calendar at your desk, or in your kitchen, or wherever it’s more appropriate.