Oh friends. I feel terribly guilty in writing this, but I’ll have to suspend my site redesign effort for a little while (maybe 2 weeks or so). This is due to a major change in my life and career which I’m very excited (and nervous) about. Leading up to this, I’m devoting all possible time to finishing up the projects I have on at the moment, and trying to wrap up all loose ends before things get shaken up next week.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I will definitely announce what’s going on — most likely in a video — so you’ll be in the loop. You can probably infer what’s happening, I’m not the first designer lately to hint at an announcement of this kind.

The point is, I’ll have to wait to pick up the website project for a little while until things get settled. Sorry. But stay tuned, it will happen. I swear it!