I mentioned this the other day on Twitter, but I’m planning to redesign this website during the month of January. You should too!

Inspired by NaNoWriMo, I’m redesigning my site this month, and I’ll be recording videos and writing blog posts as I progress. If you needed an excuse to redesign your site, here it is. Let’s start a trend.

download .mp4 / watch on YouTube

Day 1 should be your backup day. Download all the existing files associated with your website. The images, HTML files, CSS styles, PHP databased, etc. etc. etc. This will help you get organised for your redesign, and also will serve as a last resort in case something goes horribly wrong along the way.

I’ll record more videos from tomorrow, and we’ll plan our redesigns. The whole thing is very informal, but I want to hear your progress! Comment and record videos of your own.