This weekend, I’m planning to buckle down and do some serious sketching and planning, but before you join me in that endeavor, you should check out some of the leaders in innovative user interface design these days.

Say what you will about Facebook, but their Timeline is fairly innovative, if not generally pretty. Facebook has been acquiring design talent for some time now, so go see what these guys have been in up to, especially how the eye is directed and how they determine what’s important.

Google+ may not be as popular as Facebook, but I, for one, think the design is pretty sharp. I especially think the buttons and input fields are very sharp. It’s a good use of rounded corners with a very small radius. Also, take a moment to think about their main column and sidebars, and how they display images within a photo album.

No matter your view on [American] politics, we must all admit that the Obama administration has created the best-looking website of any President to date. If you haven’t seen, go take a good hard look. While you’re at it, check out the Obama campaign website, which does a good job of organising lots of content. (menus, sub-menus, callouts, forms, etc.) so it’s worth an examination.

On the subject of Politics, check out, which details everything going on in Congress, including full text of all Bills under consideration. They do a good job with their buttons and other graphical chrome.

How’s your redesign coming along? Don’t forget to tweet using the hashtag #redesign if you’re playing along at home.