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I took a big step in my redesign process — I installed a new WordPress installation with new theme on one of my dormant URLs which I haven’t previously used for anything. This URL, which I will reveal soon, is one of a number of .com domain names which I own, simply because it’s a clever name, or maybe because I concocted some cool future plan which has yet to come to fruition.

The reason for this is mainly to create ease in testing. Allowing me to live-test the new theme will give me the closest simulation of how the new theme will react when I port it over to this site. It will allow me to use the same FTP authoring tools (Coda, Transmit, etc.), and troubleshoot any database and WordPress issues.

So far, I have done some basic work on the template, exploring how the authors built it, and figuring out how I can bend it to my will. This actually takes a bit of care, because there’s logic involved in deciphering how someone else built the theme. I have yet to get deep into the CSS styling, and so I will withhold showing it off for a few more days.

There is an adage that “web design is 90% typography”, so I want to make sure the type looks purposeful, in typeface selection, scale, and colour usage. That’s gonna take a while.

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