Several of my design pals have sent me their own site redesigns-in-progress for a quite critique. This is an extremely important practice, because getting an extra set of eyes on your design will reveal interesting things. You, as the designer, are very close to your layout, and it is very easy to overlook something that may put off or confuse a regular user.

download .mp4 / watch on YouTube

If you have a site redesign that you’d like feedback on, leave a link in the comments. If you don’t want public commentary, write me a quick email using the form at the bottom of this page, or tweet me @scottperezfox.

How’s your redesign going? Mine, I admit, is a bit behind schedule. I’m going to take the plunge soon and jump right into the new theme. In lieu of installing a testing server and working with an installation on my own hard drive, I’m just going to do a live-install and you’ll be able to watch the site take shape before your eyes. Get ready for trouble.