Ray Kurzweil

“I disagree that ‘Change is the only constant’. Change is accelerating.” — Ray Kurzweil at the FUSE Conference 2010

Kurzweil calls the rapid progress in our society “The Law of Accelerated Returns”. It applies primarily to electronics and information technology, where the price performance (computing power per dollar) will increase exponentially, as a combination of more power with less cost. Just think of how much computing power you had in 1970, and how much it cost — now compare that with your mobile phone today. Drastic indeed.

Ray Kurzweil is evidence that a captivating speaker does not need a graphic-heavy presentation. In fact, not only did be blow my mind several times per minute, but he somehow seemed to vanquish all the traces of Tylenol PM from my system.

Inspiration is a powerful susbtance. Now if only we could bottle that and sell it at CVS.