At the start of September, Netflix announced that they would split their DVDs-by-mail service from their streaming service, and introduce a new brand (and website) called Qwikster. Today, they did a total Cmd-Z and put the idea of Qwikster to bed. DVDs-by-mail will remain part of Netflix, alongside streaming.

Netflix explains the move in a blog post. The New York Times also tells the story, in more detail.

This is interesting because it illustrates just how quickly a brand can die. Qwikster was never a popular idea with consumers; it was born out of scandal and generally created pain for the costumer. It’s a terribly vague name reminiscent of the first dot-com bubble with a tricky spelling (and very annoying to type, I might add) and no brand personality. I’m genuinely confused as to why Netflix didn’t simply call the brand Movies By Mail, using a ultra-descriptive brand name to describe the service. That would have been a challenge in creating a unique brand name, but because of their size and resources, they could have pulled it off.

But even with all that working against Qwikster, it was abandoned in a remarkably short time. How long was it a living brand in the wild? Maybe 2 months? That has to be some kind of record.

What do you think? Are you glad Netflix has everything back under one roof? Will you miss the Qwikster brand?