Parking Signs: Always Confusing

A cyclist in New York was killed on the Manhattan Bridge after he and a friend ended up in the wrong lane. The blame for this confusion lays with the signage, which here in New York can often be ambiguous, hard-to-read, obstructed, or some combination thereof.

Gothamist has the story, head over there to read more.

As for signage as a whole, I dare say we need to re-think our urban navigational signage because it was designed back in the 50s when there were fewer cars on the road, and folks had longer attention spans. But jeez, what a massive undertaking to change out all the signs in New York. Considering the sheer labour required, you’d have better luck trying to kill every rat.

The attached photo is simply a reference to my perpetual confusion towards parking signs in New York. Why don’t they just have a big green thumbs up if you’re allowed to park. If not, a big red thumbs down. Something conditional in the middle, have a yellow sign with a hand making that “meh” motion.