Flag Pin

The 2008 political campaign has thus far been marked by all sorts of petty nonsense — everything from pantsuits to religious fervor seems to be on peoples’ minds. There is no point more sensitive than that of the lapel pin — a 5¢ piece of tin that apparently indicates one’s abilities to be President. But let’s take a design point of view:

Steven Heller, design impresario and SVA lecturer, has posed a thought to the readers of the New York Times. What should Obama be wearing if not an American flag pin?

Since Mr. Obama promotes himself as the candidate of change, maybe he should start wearing a different kind of lapel pin that signals his patriotism as well as other values he wants to communicate.

The results range from witty to lame, but worth a look.

I’d like to think I would seize at the chance to be ironic. I’ll save this one for when I run for Congress representing New York’s 13th district (Williamsburg and Greenpoint). The hipsters will love this.

Flag Pin