Possible Redesign for NYC Condom
finalist Russell Greenberg

A while back, the NYC Department of Health had a call for entries to redesign the wrapper for the NYC Condom. Not that the previous wrapper was bad, per se, but they wanted to engage the community and try to get more folks to use said condoms. So the call went out.

And now the finalists have been announced. A write-up in the New York Times features the artwork for five potential designs. My favourite is the top hat concept (above) followed by the “colour blind” concept (below). The others aren’t so great.

Possible Redesign for NYC Condom
finalist Yujin Lee

I had an idea, but obviously never got around to sending it in. My idea is to include photos of close-cropped body parts. That is, all you see is skin, but can’t actually tell what part of the body it is. Just a curve or a crease, y’know? Oh well.

So what are your thoughts? Does the design of a condom wrapper even make a difference? And are these “NYC” enough to bear the initials for our fair city?

Remember the New York neighbor money? That could tie in to this project. Maybe it’s time to secede and form the People’s Republic of New York.