Nokia buys Motorola

Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia has announced plans to buy Motorola, a longstanding player in the mobile space. The move comes after much talk about how Nokia continually failed to make a splash in the American market, largely by their lack of a flagship smartphone product. According to an article on Information Week, the deal is worth $1.2 Billion.

Nokia hasn’t been a player on the scale of Apple, Blackberry, HTC, and Motorola. Their N900 was the last attempt, but has already faded into the background.

But what we don’t realise is that Nokia is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobiles. They sell a million phones per day around the globe. With Motorola under their wing, will the brand finally achieve a universal dominance?

My concern is largely from a branding point of view. I don’t really care what label is tagged on my phone, as long as it works, but I do wonder whether Nokia will preserve the Motorola brand name, or if they’ll absorb it as they did Siemens to become Nokia Siemens. I think we can all agree that Nokia Siemens Motorola is a mouthful — might as well buy Sony Ericsson while you’re at it, to make it truly absurd. The most likely scenario is that they’ll keep the Motorola brand and operate in a completely unaltered state. Consumers will be none the wiser.

What would you like to see most? Are you a fan of the Nokia brand or Motorola? Does it even matter when product line sub brands like the Droid (and Droid X) have become the new name on our tongues? And who has a better logo?