The New

The US Department of Justice has unveiled a sharp, modern, updated website design. And while we can remark on all the small details this or any government website, the most notable feature is the colour scheme. Rather than some combination of red, white, and blue, is glad in black and gold.

Personally, I think it’s a great choice. Rather than walking the fine lines between parties — each represented by red and blue — Justice chose two colours that don’t represent either party, thus certifying the old belief that the courts are independent and non-partisan. Justice may or may not be blind, but either way she shouldn’t be in support any of political party.

Naturally, someone is bound to freak out about this. In this case, right-wing bloggers. Yes, they’re actually protesting and calling foul the redesign, saying that red, white, and blue is American, where black and gold are derived from a rebellious, Black Power-style movement. Apparently, “… prominently placed on virtually every page of the site is a quote credited to a man who facilitated a greater role for socialists and communists at the U.N., and the global “workers rights movement.” That’s according to an article on GOPUSA, a site I’d never thought I’d visit.


Considering the pervious design for was virtually unusable, this is much welcomed redesign. It’s tasteful, modern, classic, and bold — giving justice the prowess it finally deserves as the somewhat-forgotten branch of government. I don’t know if I like the choice of Freebooter Script to accent the type. I recently used this same typeface for a wedding invitation, where it seems more suited, and in this case, I think something like Times italic would have sufficed.