Gap logo: undo

I think the BBC headline says it all: Gap Scraps New Logo After Online Outcry.

In short: Gap has vetoed their newly-unveiled identity and called off the hastily prepared open competition for user-submitted designs.

Ric Grefé, President of AIGA, has authored a blog post and open letter to Gap illustrating, yet again, what a terrible practice it is to crowdsource large-scale design project in lieu of hiring and working with professional designers. It benefits no one in the end.

“Clients risk compromised quality as little time, energy and thought can go into speculative work, which precludes the most important element of most design projects—the research, thoughtful consideration of alternatives, and development and testing of prototype designs

Designers are taken advantage of as clients see this as a way to get free work; it diminishes the true economic value of the contribution designers make toward client’s objectives.

There are legal risks for both parties should aspects of intellectual property, trademark and trade-dress infringements become a factor.”
— Ric Grefé

Everyone is talking about this. Brand New, for example.

It’s worth mentioning, briefly, that this same thing basically happened last year with Tropicana. Introduce terrible, amateurish design, Internet reacts with appropriate fury, company reverts to previous design, which was perfectly fine and didn’t need to be redesigned in the first place.