I haven’t used MySpace in literally years, but I felt the need to write about this story. As the title states, MySpace is finally preparing to redesign their site from the ground up, and unleash a full-force evolution of their interface and visual design. It’s going to be more Facebook-like, which in this case is fine with me.

Proposed MySpace homepage redesign
Proposed MySpace homepage, image courtesy of The Seattle Times (click for a larger view)

I read about it on the excellent blog redesign:related. There’s also an AdAge article that remarks on the money side of things, and how the small agency, Pereira & O’Dell, won the project.

Right, so let’s get to the obvious: MySpace has transitioned away from a general social network to a music site. Google is brewing their own, which I imagine will have a similar straight-to-the-point design style. People are drawn to a site by design, but have never (to my knowledge) returned to a once-abandoned social network after they’ve found a new home.

So isn’t this massively late? In fact, I wrote about a supposed redesign for MySpace back in February 2007! (granted, that now-outdated proposal has basically been implemented through iterative changes.) Also, in my humble opinion, this new design isn’t very striking. The typography just doesn’t grab me.

If MySpace, Facebook, or others want to seriously shake things up, they should take on an approach like this proposed (concept) redesign for Facebook. This is a big shift, and one that I’d welcome.


Facebook Facelift – Home & Profiles from wearetol on Vimeo.