MySpace is dead to me.

I officially cancelled my MySpace account after about a year of waining interest and use. The final straw was the fact that my account got hacked for the second time, and someone, I suspect a bot, posted spam comments on several friends’ pages. Need a design reason why MySpace is over:

A Terrible MySpace ad

As you can see, the above ad features spelling errors, bad grammar, stolen stock image comps (and reversed, no less) and that general malaise of sketchiness you only associate with late-night infomercials or the black market organ trade. Who’s running the show over there are MySpace?

I’m not the first to notice that MySpace’s site is covered with stupid bloody ads. I dare say the site is about 70% ads or other crap, leaving the actual content to fight for space in the margins. Remember when that guy redesigned MySpace a few months ago? Of course no one took notice.

So after all the spam, all the strippers, all the self-promoting idiots, all the ad clutter, all the cheesy nicknames, all the corporate buyouts, all the date-rape and all the server problems, I’m officially done with MySpace. Good night sweet prince.

Yes, this appears to be the week of brands dying.