Mountain Lion
Funny thing is that Mountain Lion won’t be available on CD or DVD, so I guess this is some kind of decorative hubcap.

The new Apple Operating System is coming at us soon. Mountain Lion, as it is called, is a quick follow-up to Lion, which debuted last summer and earned some serious eye-rolling from me. In fact, I wrote two blog posts (1, 2) with tips and tricks on how to control Lion and get back some of the removed features. I’m kinda looking forward to Mountain Lion, but I hope they don’t fuck it up.

Honestly, I haven’t done tons of research about the new OS because, A.) it’s exhausting to keep track of all the rumours and official sites and speculations and developer sniping, and B.) most of the noteworthy features are consumer-focused, cheesy, and co-opted from iOS.

There are two things I really, really wish would be fixed in the upcoming release. Address Book and iCal. These two are obviously a pair, and can be powerful tools for productivity, but with the last update they became those frumpy awkward twins who would somehow up end up on your volleyball team in high school gym class.

Address Book needs to return to its three-column format where we can view groups, contacts, and details all at once without those silly page-turn effects. iCal needs better iCloud integration and better syncing tools. It needs to be more robust for third-party tools like, Eventbrite, Doodle, or even Facebook. I wouldn’t mind if they ditched the skeuomorphic design mode, with all those stitched-leather and stapled-paper effects. Yuck.

The funny thing about these apps is that they weren’t talked about in the run up to Lion. They were pretty much treated as “bonus” features, and just kind of happened to us. This time around they’re talking about Facebook and Twitter integration more than personal productivity, so who knows.

What are your wish list items for Mountain Lion? Have you heard any news that they might come true? Is there anything you wish they simply won’t mess with? Let me know in the comments.